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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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unrelated activity. also, if you review the lease in paragraph 7 it pertains to the obligations under the lease which includes renting clubs to the public and operating a - if i could speak >> real quick. >> as last speaker i've been trying to. >> let's go. >> in meeting it's obligations under the lease i believe it puts at risk it's exempt status. at a minimum it will receive income from activities if those activities were to continue to come gem continued access to non-i did not get. i don't know what information the committee has on this but
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you should satisfy user with this before preceding with this lease thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good morning supervisor farrell. i'm a vice president of the first t board in san francisco. i'd like to respond to the testimony of the previous gentleman. we have vetted this proposal and on their advice with the board direction we created a separate nonprofit foundation to actually act as lessee in this regard. it's xhoeptd of 7 members and specifically by agreement nor more than three of the board members can be first t affiliates. so we want to maintain our tax
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status. so thank you >> supervisor mar. >> i want to say that i don't think there could be a better nonprofit entity to run the course than the first t and foundation. i want to thank dr. aefrpd for for decades of education but continuing in emphasis retirement to help the young people and communities with his role in first t and from what ms. powell said first t has developed into an amazing organization that has changed the lives of so many people and we've had great examples today. my dad and i used to hear watch
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jack nick lose but it's an amazing experience and hopefully many more young people will have it and i'm glad this is a good fit for the golden gate golf course and i'm looking forward to being strongly supportive. i have one question about the ironwood bbq. do you have any sense mr. kinsey about what i have services will be provided besides this golfing >> obviously, the first t will begin - they will operate a new food concession and they'll be able to get meals for those
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golfers who want to get a glass of beer all of those will continue, you know, obviously there will be some menu tweaks. >> i want to thank dr. anderson for making we aware of the important programs like t and i'm very supportive. >> okay. any other members of the public that wish to commit on item number one. seeing none, public comment is closed. probably wait one minute so supervisor avalos can vote on this. and i want to thank you for taking the time to be here. it's also amazing to see the kids get involved in our
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prostate city hall. i understand the concerns of the local residents. i've been out there and have butchered that golf course. i am fully supportive and i want to thank the first t fornix your support and am existed to see it in other parts of the city. i'm supportive of this and happy to move this forward to the full board >> sorry first hold on. first, we have some amendments adjusted can we have a motion to move those amendments without opposition and we'll send it to the full board.
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so moved >> item two authorizing the rec and park department to enter into an agreement for the operation of the eagle golf course for a rental income of $4,000. >> we have reporter reporter to continue to the call of the chair. let's go to public comment. any members of the public wish to commit - >> item two. >> thank you. again supervisors speaker the students at vigilance middle school they have the opportunity to go over to glen eagles golf course.
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they learned percent veterans very fast and if he can play on glen eagles and can play anywhere. they are a partnership with tom and a matter of fact he hosted a bbq and family and friends come out and see a chance for the students to demonstrate their golf skills. we want the partnership to continue so i speak in favor of the resolution >> thank you seeing no comment from the public we'll continue. >> mr. clerk call item 3.
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>> authorizing the department of health to expand a grant from the national of health of the hiv risks among trans men and a okay. thank you. we have dph to talk on this item >> good morning. i'm willie i'm the director of the newly sections e seconds. this is a survey of health and needs of the transgender. there's been a few studs of - studies. it's the first one to be
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supportive that will bring in revenues of overhead and more importantly, this is consistent with san francisco's values to address the sexual studies. >> can i add chair farrell why do you think there are much fewer meal to female transgenders. actually, that's to get a population size of the community we don't know the answer we want the studies >> okay colleagues any more questions. we don't have a budget analysis report.
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anyone want to speak. let's move this forward >> item 4 the resolution approving the airports new york police department's and execution of traction agreement for a terminal one check brother-in-law monitor spickets not amount not to exceed over $4 million and approving the expenditure of federal fund. >> you know if we had a frequent flier miles you would be the winner. >> thank you. i'm with the san francisco airport. we're seeking our approval to enter into another transportation security program to have another grant 59.4
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memorial day's for our equipment and inspection system in terminal one as we take part in our terminal one report. and those funds are one hundred hundred percent reimbursable and this is why there's not a budget report on this item but i'll be happy to answer your questions >> colleagues any questions. okay. thank you very much again, we don't have a budget analysis report so we'll open it up to the public. seeing none, public comment is closed >> so moved forward. >> item 5 resolution approving
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the news lease small business owner between the sky the incorporated and the city and county san francisco for a 7 year term of an annual fee of $2 million. >> chair farrell i'm with the san francisco airport. the airport is seeking our approval with skyline concessions to have another concession lease it is minimum guarantee of $192,000 a year or percentage based rent off their revenue whichever is greater. and the proposed lease is a expletive r f pshlgs process with sky light receiving the
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highest bid. the staff estimates that skyline will pay the airport the percent rate. the formula rent approximately 4 >> i pledge allegiance to the flag $7 million over the term of the lease. i i'd be happy to answer questions >> colleagues any questions. >> we do have a budget analysis report. >> yes. mr. chairman on table 1 in page 16 the airport will receive 1 million 74 unnecessary or 24 percent more than the minimal guarantee. we recommend that you approve this resolution >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose. colleagues any questions for 34r rose that is okay. we'll move on to public seeing none, public
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comment is closed. colleagues can we move item 5 without objection. okay >> item 6 the resolution authorizing the renewal of lease the 3801 with bay view for uses at the monthly cost of $38,000 plus. >> we have mr. up dike here to speak. >> we're seeking a 5 year lease and one 4 year option for the space in the bay view plaza at third and evans. this is psychiatrist 4 hundred and dph has been there occupying it. it's for a foster care and
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health needs. the programs are in the footnote of the budget analysis report. the lease starts on july one we're seeking retroactive. that's an enable over the prior years. we believe the market rate is in excess of 2 hundred and $0.82 per no. looking over the x 194013 for class c space in the city those prices are now running a little bit over $3 per secret over the month. the improvement is for new flooring. to accommodate that we need to
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move around some furnishings and that's $25,000 toward that project as a moving expense allocation. it includes annual rent and it's collared though no more than 2 percent every year. the renewal plan is we're asking for the 5 year term. the moving expenses are consistent with the dph approved budget. happy to answer any questions and we have a representative from the dph for any questions >> okay colleagues why don't we move to the budget analysis report. >> mr. chairman and members of the committee as shown in table
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2 the first year rent are 4 hundred and 86540 and those monies are appropriated by the board of supervisors. and we also point out that the - as shown in table 3 of page 20 the total stoementd covets ranges from between 2.4 to $2.6 million. we recommend you approve this resolution >> okay colleagues any questions. >> just a quick question about moving expenses could you elaborate on what - >> mr. chairman and members of the committee perhaps that's not clear as mr. up dike indicated. it's the same space so they're not moving from one space to another by their moving around
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their furniture and equipment >> okay. thanks everyone. at this point we'll open it up for public comment any comment on item 6. seeing none, public comment is closed. can we have a motion to move this forward. so moved >> item 7. resolution authorizing the department of health to spend a grant in the amount of 2 hundred and 25 to participate in a program called county enrollment assistance >> good morning, supervisors i'm emily from the did not. we're requesting permission to accept and expend 2 hundred
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accomplice from a grant foundation to make sure our low protect health participants are moved into medi-cal and this is supporting and trigs the data from our eligibility to the state system of record and then the second one is troiths our system to make sure that county workers can support of pieces. we're working with alameda county and working with the department of health and agencies. and i'm happy to answer any questions >> okay. thank you for being here. colleagues any questions? okay. thank you very much. we don't have a budget analysis
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report. anyone wish to commit. seeing none, public comment is closed. we're going to send this to the full board >> item 8 resolution reactive amendment to the amendment the membership of the 18 con tomorrow and directing the agency to expand the short to $53 million plus. >> i believe we have someone here to speak on this item. >> yes. good morning chairman farrell, david with the human serviced agency. the resolution in front of you say for our continued membership in the state membership and this is the 18 county that manages the county welfare information
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network. this contract is currently held with hewitt packard and all the oversight is included. the consortium is a two year renewal for $400,000 plus our administration costs and we're asking for a two year extension for $10 million that will it's approximately $2.2 million a year that will take us two years. the state is repursuing the contact and they're in negotiations arrest anything else at this time
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>> i think the budget analysis report covers the details. >> all right. colleagues any questions. >> thanks members of the committee on page 23 we report that h s a expenditures tend to prove participation the two year period from july 2013 to 15 is 2 hundred million plus on table 1. state and federal fund pay for 9.6 million with the city fund covering 8 hundred thousand plus. we recommend that you amended the proposed resolution to
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july 1st, 2013, and you approve the resolution as amended >> at this point we'll open it up to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues can we have a motion without objection >> next one approving the contract with the in house certifies for the provision of i h ss for the period of july 1st, 2013, to july 30, 2017, for the amount over $200,000. this is approve for the i h s consortium which is our contract for in home services.
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as you probably know we have two modes we have the independent provider mode that handles the majority of the cases and that's under the administration of the public authority. this particular contract is with the consortium for the contract mode this provides a little bit more supervised serviced for the seniors who are not able to manage their own care provider. and the worker works closely with their supervisor to make sure their providing the initiative services that that senior needs to remain independent in they're living. this is a result of a recent rfp >> okay. any other comments. >> no sir, and a okay. mr.
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rose to our report and a mr. chairman and members of the committee as shown in table two on page 29 of the report the budget oversee the 4 year term from july 1st, 2013, to 2017 is 87 million and that's in direct provider costs and administration costs. the total proposed budget of 20.3 million is 6.3 percent more than the 2013 of 19 million plus. that's due mainly to increase in salaries and benefits. our recommendations on page 3 we recommend that you approve the contract as of july 2013 and to
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clarify the contract in the amount of this or that million dollar is not to exceed and we recommend you approve it >> okay colleagues any questions. >> okay. thank you very much. we'll open it up to public comment anyone wish to speak on this item >> ma'am? >> hi i'm margaret i'm the executive director of the in home director of the consortium i approve the resolution. those services are a credible component of the long-term care continuum services that the city provides for the elderly we provided the services for the
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most challenged. as was mentioned the workers are supervisors and they supervisor to insure a high quality of care and the rights of folks are respected. those support of the city's ability to comply with the supreme courts homestead decision allowing people with sdablts and the elderly to live in the less reasterisk environment in their home. without this the vast member of seniors would have to be in a constitution. i'd like to answer any questions >> thanks. any other members of the public
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wish to commit seeing none, public comment is closed. we have some other amendments can we take that without objection >> item 10 resolution approving the commission lease l-25255 with the east street for the restaurants space located at 295 on the boulevard in the central waterfront for the greater amount of 7 percent of gross receipts or 10 thousand and plus. >> supervisors jeff i'm the ports leasing manager. between the port and e street ventures. it was approved to request a
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restaurant operator for the operation of a restaurant on the site in the southern waterfront. there was proposals for the design and renovation for the existing building. the ports oufg what to seek the best qualified. following scoring the proposals and e street ventures was selected and the folks were approved as of july 21st. some key items of the lease it's a 15 year lease we anticipate it will begin open october 1st. the greater amount of the
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represent is $10,000 or gross sales whichever is greater. there's a rent abatement period in which no rent is paid for the purpose of constructing the base believe core improvements. there's an annual percent of 3 percent to the annual rent. the tenant is responsible for all utilities and maintenance repair were we anticipate the lease improvements 41 to be about $2 million. there is a one-time tenant improvement credit for shelf improvements in the amount of $380,000. there's an option to extend and if this option the minimen


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